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Nolost Capital
Human Capital within organisations is strengthened so that staff as well as the entire organisation is put in the position to perform better. Conducting quantitative behavioural research on a personal and organisational level maps out the current situation of the organisation as well as the where the potential improvements lie within that organisation. 

Nolost ICT
Customised and very user-friendly software ensures job satisfaction. It creates customised solution for organisations working on issues regarding information and communication problems. 

Nolost Talent
Optimise organisations and stimulate people, inspiration and motivation ensures that people and organisations are able to excel. Implement interventions at micro and macro level so that people and organisations can function optimally.

Nolost Career
Connecting talent and organisations optimizes Human Capital. Through this, people and organisations are happy and able to excel. 

Guiding people in their need for career advice in study and work. Discovery of talents, development of self and association with organisations. 

Nolost Investments
Inspiring environments ensure happy and motivated people. By investing in inspiring environments, objects and products. 

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Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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