Working at Nolost Capital

Nolost Capital BV, as well as the Quality of Life Development Holding, is growing rapidly in all its facets. The great secret of our organisation, in addition to our expertise and knowledge, is our vision. Not only do we implement the happiness and well being of other organisations, but we insure ourselves with the same prospects. This is why we are a team of enthusiastic professionals that carry out our products and services with great passion and quality.

Because our mission, vision, strategy and expertise are of high and exceptional quality, we ensure delivery and maximum results. This success is not only felt by the customers, but also by us. In short, we are able to not only make our client happy and successful, but also our own organisation. 

Our formula is a real win-win-win situation for employees and organisations.

If you are interested in joining and strengthening our team, see if there is a suitable position open for you.


"If you do what you like to do, you never have to work"

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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