Nolost Capital believes in team spirit and knows how you can convert negative energy into profit!

In each team there is a chance that tensions may occur. This may occur due to a negative comment from a colleague, the feeling that one is not taken seriously, etc. The causes are unfortunately always different, making it difficult to get a grip on this situation. You know that if you do not get a grip on the situation, it could escalate, resulting in more tensions, negative atmosphere and negative energy.

It goes without saying that negative energy goes at the expense of the result, so it is especially important that you find the causes of tension and takes action as soon as possible. The Acceptor offers a solution here. The entire team will be happy and appreciate you as a better manager.

What does the Acceptor Deliver?

  • Scores for every question.

  • Insights into the perception and acceptance of decisions and rules of team members

  • Perceived causes of potential tensions, giving you a current picture of what is actually working against the team spirit. 

  • Personal and confidential feedback for your insight only. This feedback is analysed from the responses given by the team members.

All of this in two reports, the first of which contains information about your team with which  you can use to get started immediately. The second report is for yourself. Here you can pick out improvement points which will make you a better manager for your team.

Course of a Research

The Acceptor research should last about 1-2 weeks, but the duration of the study lies completely in your hands.  Once all employees have answered the questions you will receive the reports, so that you can get started on improving team spirit. Nolost Capital takes all the work out of your hands. Your employees will receive an introductory email stating that teamwork is key and the rest will follow.

Provide connection and work on acceptance for everyone. Keep control over the situation and increase the team spirit!

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