2D Organisational Monitor®

The Monitor is the market name of the 2D Organisational Monitor® research. It is in line with the already existing motivation research methods, in this case the instruments and scans, but is based on the latest corresponding insight. It is also offers the ability to instantly switch over to the Navigator. Both instruments can be improved through the INK model. 

Scientific Evidence

It has been scientifically proven that if the motives of employees in response to the measured "truths" are improved, the performance per group (department) will noticeably increase. 

Motives optimize in order to increase results

If you are familiar with the Employee Satisfaction survey and motivation research, feel free to contact us. You will be surprised at what opportunities the Monitor offers compared to the current research generation tools. We can immediately show you the differences and the value of our product. 

If you would like to initiate a study at this moment, than we recommend the Navigator. The study is slightly more expensive but the value is enormous. 

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