Nolost Capital is a subsidiary of the Quality of Life Development Holding . Nolost Capital specializes in quantitative research for people and organizations.That means Nolost Capital uses the most modern and high-quality instruments at micro and macro levels.

Since the establishment of Nolost Capital it has grown into a major player in the field of Organizational Studies, Work and Organizational Psychology with a unique professional approach and scientific instruments.

Nolost Capital is comprisesd of a team of highly trained professionals and exists through cooperation with several universities,offering high quality products and services. In addition, Nolost Capital has modern technology with which efficient processes and costs can be achieved.

Quality and happiness are of great importance at Nolost Capital. For this reason it feels good to work for and with Nolost Capital since superior performance can be delivered in good conditions and in a familiar atmosphere. 

Nolost Capital believes that 'Human Capital' is the key to success in today's job market and will become increasingly important in the future. In addition, Nolost Capital is convinced that a significant improvement in 'Human Capital' organisations can prevent   (enormous) costs and can also stimulate the growth of human and organisational performance. 


Nolost Capital's mission is to motivate employees and to make them happier. We make this statement with the knowledge that human involvement increases as they become more passionate and enthusiastic.

We help entrepreneurs and managers gain significantly more profit and increase the happiness of their employees. We do this with a team of enthusiastic specialists whose expertise thrive in the subject modern organisational science. 

We make use of the currently available validated instruments, which provides the most recent available information about the science of business.

Nolost Capital also cares for its Human Capital and manages its own organisation by enthusiasm. 


Closing the gap between what Science proves and what a Business does can improve every organisation significantly! 

Human Capital is the Key to Success!
Feeling Good, Working Better

1. Quality

Within Nolost Capital's highly trained professionals who work with high quality insruments. Thanks to their diversity in expertise the professors, doctors, psychologists, trainers, career counselors and partners of Nolost Capital are able to deliver high quality products and services. In addition, our research and guidance is supported by professional and high-quality scientific instruments, with which we can always guarantee quality in our services.

2. Pure Value Stream, so no Waste

Nolost Capital aims to, in fact was created to, provide organisations with products and services of the highest quality. More importantly, Nolost Capital aims to process these products and services in the most efficient way possible (including using the latest technologie) with which costs can be optimally minimized.

3. High price-quality ratio

Nolost Capital is able to offer the best quality at an optimal Value Stream (without Waste). This allows Nolost Capital to guarantee her customers/clients a high price-quality ratio. 

4. Reliable

Nolost Capital has licenses from several reliable and scientific instruments, which are engineered by trained psychologists and career counselors. Nolost Capital uses NIP codes for all servicesof psychologists as well, with which Nolost Capital can guarantee reliability. In addition, our research and measuring instruments are scientifically supported. The scientific surveys will therefore guarantee highreliability and validity. 

5. Progressive and creative

Nolost Capital is a rapidly growing business because it follows a progressive philosophy. By combining diverse expertise, Nolost Capital is constantly developing new concepts and products. This way we can always meet the needs of the current job market. 

6. Flexible

A good organisation with strategic partners gives Nolost Capital the ability to switch gears quickly and to take action at short notice. Nolost Capital is also in state to adapt both before and during procedures, with which Nolost Capital can supply custumised work. With our flexibility we create an atmosphere where optimal performance is possible. 

7. Comfortable and carefree process 

Nolost Capital is seen as a professional and energetic organisation to work with. Our customers appreciate our enthusiasm and accuracy. The project team supports the design of all studies and provided guidance and takes almost all of the work out of the customer/client's hands. 

8. Deeper understanding

Our trials go far beyond researching satisfaction, motivation and commitment. It also brings other issues to light such as leadership, turnover intentions, enthusiasm and effectiveness. In total, at least 30 organisational conditions will measured. The client/customer can clearly see what the problem is within the organisation and how it can be imrpoved.

9. Customisation

The guidance and research are completely customised for each organisation and then flawlessly implemented. 

10. It improves every organisation significantly

The practical results of our service are put into action. We get each organisation moving, on both an individual and an organsational level.

11. Guidance by truth

Nolost Capital assists organisations in managing the actual truth instead of feeling. In addition, Nolost Capital's work has led to the following significan conclusions: 

  • Companies that manage by using reliable measurements appear to be stronger organisations
  • Companies that manage with work satisfaction in mind appear to benefit from higher employement outcomes
  • For midsized organisations, it shows that a 10% increase in motivations leads to a 25% increase in production within three years, and these companies would save more than one million euros per year if they 'just' keep their employees motivated. 
  • Intrinsically motivated employees are significantly more valuable than extrinsically motivated employees 
  • Resources are scarce and replacing staff is becoming more and more expensive

12. Good intervention possibilites

If the customer/client wishes, Nolost Capital will support the making of a plan of action. We provide practical tools for this in all cases. We can also provide professional guidance through the involvment of our sister company, Nolost Talent. 

13. Personal attention

Through research with a well-designed advisement plan and communication process, managers and staff are appreciated. It gives energy and is positive for the organisation. 

14. Creating a win-win-win situation

All of Nolost Capital's studies and advisement plans aim to give three parties a sense of gain. The employees will feel like winners because the organisational conditions will be adapted to their needs and desires. Additionally, they will feel that they are being listened to, which gives them a sense of appreciation. Management will also feel like winners. First, because the performance of their department/organisation will improve and the costs can be lowered. Second, they will make themselves more likeable by their employees because they show that they believe in the importance of the employees ('human capital'). Finally, the company will also win because it will become a financially and substancially healthier company. 


All organisations who believe and are confident in the fact that their personell are THE capital of their organisation. In short, Nolost Capital's measuring instruments are suitable for all organisations (with at least 10 employees) where 'human capital' is seen as important. Also, Nolost Capital is committed to only working with cleints who want to persue a progressive business. 

We create great value for organisations by making use of scientific knowledge,  flexible services and social innovation to use the organisation's potential for the best possible results. Hereby, we make a change in the quality of life for people, happiness is experienced and the optimum efficiency of the organisation is achieved. 




Feeling Good, Working Better

Services and Tools

To ensure high quality of the measurement instruments of Nolost Capital, organisations with 10 or more employees are suitable for our employee research. To ensure the sense of anonymity, we encourage organisations not to approach groups with less than ten people. The risks otherwise stand that the survey will be responded to with socially desirable answers or that the employees do not fill out the survey at all. 


Anonymity is one of the most important factors for the success of employee research. If anonymity is at stake or the employees do not feel anonymous, they may fill in the survey in a socially desirable manner. Moreover, the chance of non-response is relatively high without anonymity. 

If organisations want to optimally ensure the sense of anonymity, Nolost Capitals advises the following: 

  • Turn to a professional external agency, such as Nolost Capital
  • Make it internally clear that the research is completely anonymous
  • Instruct managers to emphasize anonymity during work meetings
  • Use as little codes as possible on the survey
  • Only ask demographic questions about age, length of employment, gender et cetera, if a group of at least of 10 employees per demographic topic can be created. 

Nolost Capital will obviously take the guarantee of anonymity for your employees into account. 

It absolutely is. In addition to improvement points, the research also provides so called "pride point." These points which the employee's value can be utilized within the labor market of the organisation. Organisations can also indicate which of these points take a positive stand within the organisation without creating false expectations for new employees. 

Furthermore, loyalty and turnover risk are also measured in the study. The turnover risk is calculated based on the most important predictors of turnover. In the departments of an organisation which have the highest turnover risk, it is obviously a good idea to prevent turnover as much as possible, but it is also a good idea to keep an eye out for new employees. 

Nolost Capital underscores a regular periodicity. Most organisations conduct their employee research once a year, some even once every two years. The employees see the annual employee research as an additional outlet and organisations can monitor to what extent the improvements have taken effect while continually keeping it's finger on the pulse. 

Nolost Capital has noticed that employee research is being used more often as a form of management and progress information.


Precisely before, during and after a re-organisation, it is important to measure where the   employees of the organisation stand.

Experience shows that an employee research study is the perfect support tool before, during and after a change or re-organisation. Through constantly keeping an eye on your employees, organisations receive important management information that they can use during the course of research. Moreover, the employees feel like they are being listened to. Nolost Capital therefore encourages participants to measure in changing times. 

The duration of the research will be discussed and determined with each organisation. Hereby, Nolost Capital can switch gears quickly and flexibly. The average duration of an employee research study is 10 to 12 weeks. Within a few weeks Nolost Capital sets a professional communication path for the organisation and prepares the content for the questionnaire. Then the research begins and the employees have a few weeks to respond to the questionnaire. Finally, several weeks are needed to report, present and distribute the results to the organisation. 



Any organisation can easily switch to Nolost Capital. Past studies of the organisation can be processed in collaboration with Nolost Capital and some parts of the past studies might be used in Nolost Capital's research. In addition, Nolost Capital's research is always scientifically based, giving them high reliability and validity. This means that if an organisation switches over to Nolost Capital it will at least have a good baseline of the current state of affairs in the organisation. 

In addition, there is no switching fee. Often organisations think that switching to Nolost Capital will require a high investment compared to previous research. However, apart from the fact that organisations may have had studies done in which errors may have occurred, there are no fees tied to switching to Nolost Capital. In addition, organisations quickly notice that they are working with a professional and knowledgeable supplier. 


A study at Nolost Capital is always customized. The starting point is obviously what the organisation wants to achieve with the research. We also look at the desires regarding planning, grouping, communication with employees and reporting. 

Every organisation has access to a project manager and a consultant to ensure that the research is professional and flawless. Also, the questionnaire for each organisation is custom-made. Depending on exactly what information the organisation wants to achieve, certain questions will be recommended and/or discouraged. 


Nolost Capital is happy to visit you and give you more information and even show you concrete examples. You will see that together with Nolost Capital you will have a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. Armed with this information, you will be able to transform your workplace, without spending much time, money or energy. 


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Nolost Capital's measurement instruments are highly reliable and valid. Nolost Capital works with various universities in the Netherlands, allowing professors and doctors in several scientific fields to critically watch the development of the instruments. In collaboration with different universities, Nolost Capital also ensures quality by collecting information from recent studies. Therefore, the data are always representative and meets all the requirements ofthe current time. This also fulfills the needs of the labor market because the research models are based on the current problems of organisations. 



Traditional employee research often only shows satisfaction, commitment or motivation of the employees. Nolost Capital's new employee research goes considerably further. It also gives organisations insight into issues such as leadership, motivation, loyalty, work climate, absenteeism and turnover risk, efficiency, effectiveness, etc. In total, at least 30 organisational factors are measured. In addition, correlations between each organisational factor are measure, enabling organisations to pinpoint exactly which factor affects another. 

Therefore, organisations receive information about the wellbeing of the entire organisation and about each individual department.


Organisation Tuning
Knowledge Boost specifically for Directors

HR Tuning
Knowledge Boost specifically for HR Professionals 

Online research combines the possibilities of telephone and written research. 

The main advantage of an online survey is that it is relatively cheap. Another advantage of online research, along with others, is the speed at which data are processed and are made clear. Moreover, the respondent can decide when he/she wants to participate in the study.  In addition, the organisation has clear understanding of non-response. The respondents usually view the online research as easy and user friendly. Another advantage is that online surveys offer possibilities of routing questions and displaying  images. Finally, a great advantage is that the entire process is relatively short and powerful, allowing almost immediate insight into possible outcomes. 

The possibilities of online research are unprecedented. Nolost Capital conducts ongoing surveys and has a broad experience in applying them in various studies in the field of employee research.  


Quantitative research provides numerical insight and answers to many questions that can be expressed in terms of quantity. The assessment of certain products or organisations is usually quantitatively studied, using a satisfaction survey, for example. In order to be statistically reliable and to make representative statements, groups of people are interviewed simultaneously. 

A (structured) questionnaire is always used in quantitative research. In the questionnaire, the research question or problem of the client is operationalized through questions to the target group. 

The result of quantitative research is usually presented in tables, graphs and percentages. Diverse methods can be used for quantitative research. Nolost Capital specialises in online research (internet research). 


Organisational measuring instruments are tools bring out the actual situation within an organisation in an objective manner. The choice of the research method depends on the information that an organisation wishes to obtain. There are two possibilities: quantitative or qualitative research. 

Through quantitative research, a large number of respondents can be interviews so that numerical insight is obtained and percentage ratios can be displayed. Nolost Capital specialises in quantitative research.

If more detailed information is required on an individual level (e.g. why someone disagrees with a certain concept), qualitative research is recommended. Qualitative research shows the wishes, experiences, opinions and needs of an individual. 


Measuring instruments are essential tools for giving people and organisations insight into various conditions.

First, it appears that 'knowing' is invaluable. Managing based on assumed values usually does not  include the actual validity. The probability for an incorrect estimation is great when a prediction is made based on subjective assumptions. On the other hand, it appears that predictions of the truth based on measured objective values give a reliable and accurate estimate. Also, when conditions are measured using validated and reliable scientific instruments, the true circumstances of the  situation can be demonstrated with 95% more certainty.

Second, management cannot be accused of subjective administration. With Nolost Capital's objective measuring instruments, the management is able to manage using actual facts. 

Third, measuring instruments offer insight into things no one has taken into account before. On one hand it is possible that certain conditions have been overlooked, on the other hand certain scores/values may not correspond with expected results. This means that these measuring instruments finally make it possible to confirm or reject certain hypotheses. 

Fourth, employees can anonymously give their true opinion on certain matters through these measuring instruments, proving the importance of their personal opinion. 

There are five critical success factors for a high response rate:

  • A professional approach and stimulating process
  • A good communication process
  • An appealing and optimized questionnaire
  • Support for all stakeholders
  • A good follow-up of the results

Good communication is especially crucial before and during the research process to achieve high response. The employees participating in the research need to know why the research is being conducted and why it is good for them to participate. It is important to enthuse them and manage expectation. Nolost Capital likes to help organisations to determine the communication concepts.

By professionalising the research, people will realise that it is serious. This obviously also goes for the questionnaire itself. Besides being professional, it must also be visually appealing. The length must also be optimised. 

Support is also important to create a so-called ambassadorship among the employees of an organisation. Without support the risk of poor response is great.

If the study is repeated, it is crucial to know what happened to the results of the previous measurements. If the organisations have done nothing with these results, it is then more difficult to get a high response. In this case, organisations should take a very different approach and use a different measurement instrument. 


Nolost Capital's 3D Organisational Navigator® measures at least 30 organisational conditions; the underlying construct of the measurement instrument is the Motivational Model (Rickli & Van de Berg, 2009). This scientific organisational model shows that motivation explains the relationship between organsational factors (such as working conditions and autonomy) and job outcomes (such as commitment, performance and turnover intention). Furthermore, it shows the most recent research on work motivation: that there is a substantial difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Nolost Capital will present all of this information to companies using its most modern instruments. Besides the scientific model, Nolost Capital will also provide each organisation with a unique model specified for the respective organisation. 


Human Resource Management discipline

Knowledge of these findings may mean a lot for any organisation:

  • Companies that manage with reliable measurements appear to be stronger organisations
  • Companies that manage with work satisfaction in mind appear to benefit from higher employment outcomes
  • It shows that a 10 increase in motivation in three years results in an increase of 25% in production for midsize companies and that these companies save more than one million euros if they 'just' keep their employees motivated
  • Intrinsically motivated employees are significantly more valuable than extrinsically motivated employees
  • Resources are scarce and replacing staff is becoming more expensive

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