HR Tuning®

Employees exhibit a certain behaviour as they become more or less motivated. This motivation -intrinsic or extrinsic- is determined by the presence of some underlying motives. With the results of Nolost Capital's research the process of HR Tuning® can be started immediately. HR Tuning® human-based intervention at macro level.

Research Facts   

It seems that for midsized organizations a 10% increase in motivation within three years results in a 25% increase in productivity and that these companies save over 1 million euros each year "just" by keeping the employees motivated. It also appears that intrinsically motivated employees are significantly more important to the organisation than extrinsically motivated employees. 

HR Tuning Workshop® 

In an informal setting, you and other fellow HR professionals with discover the latest developments.The Organisational Motivation Model® will be explained to you by the founder, S. G. Rickli. You will become familiar with the latest developments and will get insight into what the new strengths of HR are. 

What will this workshop do for you? You will gain insight into behaviour, into the mechanisms of motivation and the effect it has on the performance of your employees and therefore, into the results of your company. 

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Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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