Human Capital

It is the human capital that determines an organisation. Success comes from the work of the people which can be adjusted and tuned by management.  

It is not mandatory for employees to be inspired. It is, however, possible to make sure that all relevant factors are arranged so that employees become motivated. Research about fundamental motivation enhancers is not just a lucrative matter, it is also the path to a breakthrough. 

Scientific Evidence

Within the fields of Organisational Science and Organistional Psychology the overall consensus is that intrinsically motivated employees are significantly more valuable to an organisation. These is also consensus that motivation and behaviour are linked to the result of a company. 

In short, Human Capital is the Key to Success. 

Industry Profits

Organisations that manage with the happiness of their employees in mind seem to benefit from higher employment outcomes. For midsized companies, research shows that a 10% increase in motivation within three years results in a 25% increase in production. These organisations also save over one million euros every year 'just' by keeping their employees motivated. 

Expand the heart of the organisation and create a good foundation. More and more employees will work with enthusiasm and provide better results. Without attention, it will not function. Keep it healthy and let it beat. 

If you don't have heart for your job, you cannot work hard!

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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