Customer Experience Research

An anonymous customer research on macro (group) level, where the impact of organizational issues on the customer experience and customer satisfaction is analyzed.

This study provides a unique opportunity to improve the experience of your customers and increase your profit. This study provides new insights into your organisation. You will get knowledge and hidden information that is otherwise impossible to get. Scientific research shows that directors' perceptions are rarely 100% correct and this research makes it possible to measure and analyse the customer experience in an objective manner.

With this tool you have the possibility to better link your customers to your company, improve customer contacts, significantly increase results and imrpove your market position.

Through our reliable (scientific) knowledge and insights into the experience of your customers the chance to effectively achieve your organizational goals will significantly increase.

What you get with this specific measurement methodology:

  • Insights into the experience of your customers (per customer group)
  • Insight into all aspects of customer contact

Delivery of Customer Experience

Customer experience is becoming more and more important. Customer experience issues are getting increasingly more attention. The realisation that an optimal customer experience makes a difference is crucial for a successful business. The experience of your customers determines the final result and is crucial for the sustainability of your organization.

Nolost Capital specialises in measuring and improving the perception of people, such as your customers. Our researchers analyse and improve basic setting of the experience and motives of the customer. In turn, the organisation will become more customer focused, will get better insights into sales opportunities and customers will be restrained by better communication and higher customer satisfaction. With great pride we present you with our new customer survey.

Your Gain

If you start with the customer survey you immediately give your customers a positive sign that you take them seriously.

It is immediately clear that the organisation sincerely wishes to 'listen' to the customers' ideas and opinions. The appreciation and respect they experience is then your first major gain!

In addition:

  • Your customers will be inspired by the fact that our collaboration will focus on the vision and mission of your organisation. 
  • You get knowledge and insight in the field of customer experience and customer contact, which enables you to manage your organization much better / faster  
  • The productivity of the customer contact and the results of the organization will increase
  • The involvement of customers and business attractiveness will increase

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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