Employee Satisfaction Research

Nolost Capital believes in the effect of motivation and knows how you can turn this into operating results!

Nolost Capital has significantly improved the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) by including the core dimension intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is seen as the most important value of Human Capital and the most important condition for good results. Intrinsic motivation is then also necessary for engagement and commitment. The name of the Employee Satisfaction Survey is the 2D Organisational Monitor ®, the Monitor for short.  The Monitor brings those aspects in the picture that are important including satisfaction, commitment and enthusiasm (total 30 issues).  Data are presented in a clear report in tables and graphs.

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Human Capital in charts

The world is changing around us, just like the conditions which motivate employees are. Do you know what motivates them? Nolost Capital measures all important issues and conditions that are necessary to gain insight into your Human Capital and gives you the essential data for management. The Monitor focuses on:

  • Commitment and Functional Flexibility
    In times of economic downturn, functional flexibility and commitment are important. What is the status within the organisation and what expectations are realistic?
  • Engagement and Commitment
    Engaged and committed employees deliver more. How involved and enthusiastic are the employees of your organisation?
  • Intention of resignation and Loyalty
    The total costs of taking on a new employee are much higher than the visible costs. Retaining employees is a major concern for the future. What makes your organisation attractive for existing and new employees?
  • Vitality and Satisfaction
    Absenteeism is a costly matter for many organisations. It can cause many errors and accidents in the company.  Temporary employees are not directly incorporated and often not fully trained. Their colleagues will have to take over the workload, allowing the unrest and dissatisfaction to increase. How do you monitor this process in your organisation?

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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