Organisational Behaviour Research

An anonymous employee survey on macro (group) level, where the impact of individuals, groups and structures on the behavior of employees is analyzed.

Delivery of your Human Capital

It is shown that the behaviour of employees determine the final outcome of the organisation. It also decides the atmosphere, job satisfaction and culture within your organisation. 

Nolost Capital specializes in measuring and improving behavior of Human Capital. Our researchers analyze and improve the basic settings of designs within an organization to the effect that employees are more motivated, behave in a more desired manner, are less likely to leave and deliver better performance.

Your Gain

If you start the research, it can be seen as a new impetus for the organization, or a sign that you as directors are open to your employees and you  take continuous improvement seriously. This gives your employees a positive feeling as you actually invest in their welfare. Nolost Capital will make this clear to your employess during communication via email.

A communication takes place which again indicates that you as an employer sincerely wish to "listen" to the ideas, opinions and desires of your employees. The appreciation and respect that they then experience is your first significant gain. 

In addition: 

  • Your employees will be inspired through our collaboration and our focus on motivation and job satisfaction. 
  • You get insight into what is actually happening per group or department in the organization
  • You will gain insight into the form, extent, causes and consequences of motivation of your staff
  • You get a grip on the behaviour of your employees
  • You know exactly why, where, what and how your employees can change for a better outcome based on the information we give you
  • You gain knowledge and insight on which to manage (a dashboard), with which you are put in a state to manage your company faster and better. This dashboard 10 management model per group. 
  • Employees will be more motivated and behave in a more desirable manner
  • The atmosphere, as well as mutual respect and appreciation within the company will (further) improve
  • The productivity of the employees and the results of the organization will increase
  • Job satisfaction will increase for everyone 
  • The involvement and business attractiveness will increase,  turnover and absenteeism will decrease and attracting new employees will become easier.

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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