Team Acceptance Research

Nolost Capital believes in team spirit and knows how to turn negative energy and resistance into operating results!

In every team there is a chance that tensions may occur. This may happen because of a snide remark of a collegue, a feeling that one is not being taken seriously etc. Unfortunately, the causes constantly differ, making it difficult to get a good grip on the situation. You understand that if you do not get  the situation under control, it could escalate resulting in increased tension, negative energy and the good atmosphere will decrease.

It goes without saying that negative energy exists at the expense of the result. Therefore, it is especially important to discover the causes of tension and take action as quickly as possible.  The Acceptor ® offers a solution here. The entire team will be happy and appreciate you as a better manager.


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Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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