Justice Model

Justice at work implies that an employee's performance should be in balance with the reward they receive. This reward consists of financial compensation, intrinsic appreciation and recognition for the work that is done. Employees expect a balance between the work they put in (input) and the reward (output) they receive for it.

Justice consists of three themes: 

  1. Financial Justice: The income of the employees reflects their responsibility, qualifications, workload, time investment and costs.
  2. Intrinsic Justice: The employee's work is interesting and gives them a feeling of fulfillment and personal satisfaction.
  3. Recognition Justice: Employees' work shall be acknowledged by collegues, customers and the community.

As soon as the balance between input and output in one or more of the three themes is interrupted, an employee will become stressed and will do anything he/she can to try to restore optimal balance. The stress can become so extreme that it can make the employee ill or even cause them to leave the company.

This highlights the importance of justice for employees. This document was written to create justice within the team and serves as an explanation and improvement advice of the Acceptor®.

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