Knowledge Boost for Directors

Are you looking for a method with which you can improve the behaviour of your employees and in turn achieve your business goals quicker and more effectively? 

Since 2010, it has been relatively easy to measure and improve the beahviour of an organisation. The training "Organisational Behaviour" provides insight into several mechanisms and underlying relationships and gives you tools to help you control behaviour. The training covers a practical case in which the new '3D Organisational Navigator®' is used.

Scientific Evidence

 It is scientifically determined what behaviour is needed to achieve a particular delivery in an organisation. In order to get this behaviour, the presence of several motives is required. The extent of the presence of these motives can be easily measured. Research shows that for every output the motives and the desired behaviour are directly linked together. This has been studied by Scientists of Nolost Capital who have recorded it in a manageable correlation model. This motivation model offers many tools for managers and HR staff to motivate employees as well as improve the output of the company.

Directors and Managers

The training course is designed for directors and managers who take a step forward in the field of organisational behaviour and to optimize their organisational efforts. The recent developments in organisational science make this possible. A case illustrates the organisational variables you can now measure, how this measurement is achieved and what changes you can make in your organisation. 


A whole new perspective on control and management. Join the NEW club!

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