Knowledge Boost for HR Professionals

How can you improve the behaviour of your employees so that they are happier and their is more valuable to the organisation?

How do you determine the underlying motives that are responsible for various forms of output?

How can you make use of the existing relationships between motives and output?

In many oganisations, the HR policy is still based on knowledge and experience from ten years ago. In the last five years, highly relevant developments in the HR field have occurred. New insight has led to new models that are very powerful and directly lead to win-win situations for both the organisation and the employees. For instance, the Motivational Model and the new generation of employee research. 

The behaviour of an organisation appears to be 'tuneable' based on actual measurements and employee performance.  

Scientific evidence

It is scientifically determined what behaviour is needed to achieve a particular delivery in an organisation. In order to get this behaviour, the presence of several motives is required.  The extent of the presence of these motives can be relatively easily measured. Research shows that for every output the motives and the desired behaviour are directly linked. This has been studied by Scientists of Nolost Capital who have recorded it in a manageable correlation model. This motivation model offers many tools for managers and HR staff to motivate employees as well as improve the output of the company. 

HR Professionals

In an informal setting, along with fellow HR professionals, you will learn about the latest developments. S.G. Rickli, the founder, will explain the Motivation Model® to you. You will learn about the latest developments and the new strength of HR. The workshop takes place in an inspiring environment with sufficient room to pleasantly network with your colleagues during and after the workshop. We will provide lunch and after the workshop, a drink. 

Nolost Capital's workshops will be held in beautiful and inspiring locations, success guaranteed!

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