Organisational Behaviour

Organisational Behaviour is a new phenomenon and appears to be crucial for organisations.

Organisational Behaviour is the branch or science that systematically manages the actions and attitudes of people. Organisational Behaviour examines actions (behaviour) and attitudes: productivity, absenteeism, employee turnover and job satisfaction. 

Purpose of Organisational Behaviour is to explain, predict and control people's behaviour. 

Scientific Evidence

It is scientifically proved that Organisational Behaviour has a direct relationship with the operating result. This means that organisations can benefit greatly if they are able to measure, explain, predict, control and improve Organisational Behaviour using a reliable and valid method.

Business Profits!

Measuring and optimizing behaviour has a direct impact on operating profit. With reliable and valid measurement tools, organisations are now able to efficiently gain much reliable information. By "fine-tuning" these measured facts, or by optimizing the parameters of an organisation so that people can fully excel, organisations are able to significantly increase their performance. 

Manage by Science, Food for Thoughts and Time for Action!

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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