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Make Your Hospitality Distinctive - Improve Sustainability!

Hospitality and Human Capital, in general, have been important to many organisation for years. HR issues, therefore, have priority. Empowerment has also been an important development potential within many organisations. 

It is shown that the behavior of employees determines the final outcome of an organisation and that it is decisive for the atmosphere, the job satisfaction and the culture in your organization.

Nolost Capital specializes in measuring and improving behavior of Human Capital. Our researchers analyze and improve the basic settings of designs within an organization to the effect that employees are more motivated, behave more desirably, show hospitality behavior, are less likely to leave and deliver better performance.

The primary goal is the identification of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation, commitment, enthusiasm and hospitality of the staff and their level of Hospitality. In short, you can allow your employees to grow more responsible and autonomous through 'Empowerment'. 

The instrument, the 3D Hospitality Behaviour Scan ®, is derived from an existing study, the 3D Organisational Navigator ®, which aims to get more out of the same Human resources (focus on engagement, commitment, dedication, performance, etc.). This basic research is inextricably linked to the Hospitality Behaviour Scan ®, giving you more value from the current resource and a better motivated staff. You'll also find areas for improvement related to job flexibility, autonomy, responsibility, leadership styles, etc. The 3D Hospitality Behaviour Scan ® has the added value of analyzing the hospitality. This enables organisations to meet their needs with respect to analyse and improve the increase of hospitality.

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