Organisational Safety Behaviour Research

Would you like to reduce absenteeism, increase the motivation and enthusiasm of your employees, increase their vitality and commitment and/or improve their safety behaviour?

You can achieve this by doing research on the funamental needs of your employees such as job satisfaction, social support from collegues, a safe working environment, good feedback, sufficient variation etc. These needs, in fact have direct influence on their behaviour. The extent to which your organization meets these needs and their impact on the desired behavior of your employees, can be quantitatively measured. This measurement is performed by department or group. What motivated and/or frustrates people in each department to decide whether or not to perform well or whether or not to behave safely. Who has what it takes? Social needs differ between employees. One prefers status while the other prefers autonomy or employees have more social needs in general. This basically means that employees have different needs. The mechanism is simple. The organisation must first meet these needs before they can expect the employees to feel motivated to behave desirably. 

This can all be measured per department/shift with the ‘3D Organisational Safety Behaviour Scan®’.

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