Organisational Lean Research

“Banish waste and create wealth in your corparation!”

Wealth is essential for a successful organisation! [Wealth= Value and Health]

The values of the Navigator for the Lean Management route:

The essence of Lean Thinking and/or Lean Management is the concept of 'value' entirely from the perspective of the customer. Lean thinking is supported by the culture of the organisation. The concept 'Lean' is a philosophy or a way of thinking about the management of an organisation. Assigning value and recognising inefficiencies. Lean Thinking is thus, adjusting organisational behaviour with the aim of constantly minimising the 'Waste of Muda'. 

There are different types of Lean Thinking, including Lean Management, Lean Costing and Lean Accounting. 

If organisations want to implement Lean Thinking, it is important to introduce the concept Lean into the culture of the organisation. This means changing employee behaviour. In practice, one starts with the design of the organisation at the human level.  "Lay the foundation".  According to Gembe management style, it is important that aspects such as openness, flexibility and respect are given value within the organisation (in the eastern Gemba, respect and humility have a central position). The importance of this approach is to create a culture change or a change in the existing organisation. Culture is defined as the day to day observed experiences of the employees. These experiences are influenced by two aspects of the organisation. The actual organisation (which means processes, plans, rules etc.) and the invisible organisation (not concretely describable, but much more effective and important for the employee behaviour). It is the invisible organisation which the Navigator focuses on. 



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