Organisational Motivation Research

Nolost Capital believes in the effect of motivation and knows how you can convert this into operating results!

With the new Organisational Motivation Research, Nolost Capital adds a new dimension to the motivational research among employees. In only 3 steps, we offer you the solution for improving the intrinsic motivation of your employees and the shortest path to more results! This research is called the 3D Organisational Navigator®. Nolost Capital is the only company in the market that provides a diagnosis of intrinsic motivation. We do this by linking the terms of motivation and by analysing the behaviour of your employees. The Navigator provides you with a comprehnsive diagnosis and a plan on how to achieve better results. Nolost Capital is thus a huge step beyond an Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS).

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Results from your Human Capital

It is shows that the behaviour of employees determines the final outcome of the company and that the behaviour can affect atmosphere, job satisfaction and the culture in your organisation. Nolost Capital is specialised in measuring and improving behaviour of Human Capital. Our researchers analyse and improve the basic settings of a design within n organisation to the effect that employees are more motivated, behaviour more desirably, are less likely to quit and deliver better performance. 

Your Gain

If you start with this research, it may be seen as a new impulse for the organisation or a sign that you as a director are open to your employees and that you take continuous improvement very seriously. This gives your employees a positive feeling as you are, in fact, investing in their welfare. Nolost Capital will make this clear to your employees during the communication about the research via email.

Communication then takes place which again indicates that you, as an employer, truly wish to "listen" to your employee's attitudes and perceptions. Your first significant gain is then, the appreciation and respect you receive from you employees.


  • Your employees will be inspired by our teamwork in focusing on motivation and job satisfaction. 
  • You get insight into what is actuall happening per group or department in the organisation.
  • You will gain insight into the form, extent, causes and consequences of motivation of your staff
  • You get a grip on the behaviour of your employees
  • You know exactly why, where, what and how you get reach better results with the given information. 
  • You get knowledge and insight for management, (a dashboard) with which you will be asked to manage your organisation better and faster. This dashboard contains 10 control models per group. 
  • Employees will be more motivated and behave more desir
  • The atmosphere, as well as mutual respect and appreciation within the company will (further) improve
  • The productivity of the employees and the results of the organisation will increase
  • Job satisfaction will increase
  • The involvement and business atractiveness will increase, reducing turnover and absenteeism and attracting new employees will become easier. 

Voor deze organisaties hebben wij in 2015 een succesvolle aanvraag ingediend:

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