Nolost Capital is an expert in the field of Human Capital efficiency. A strong Human Capital consists of engaged, motivated and happy employees. A strong Human Capital is essential in order to reach short and long-term organisational goals

By using Nolost Capital's services, you can implement all modern knowledge in the field of Human & Organisation in theory and practice into your own organisation. 

Follow our knowledge intensive services and enrich yourself with current facts: 

Social Innovation

We can offer you professional support in an innovative and lasting HR management. Social innovation is a renewal of the manner in which the work in an enterprise is organised; and in such a manner that both work productivity and quality  will benefit. 


Nolost Capital believes in sharing knowledge. Following this philosophy, Nolost Capital offers dozens of lectures every year to share her knowledge with, among others, entrepreneurs, directors, line managers, HR professionals and HSE Managers. . 


Nolost Capital provides various Masterclasses for Directors, HR Managers ans HSE Managers. 

Knowledge boost

Nolost Capital offers a Knowledge boost to introduce you to the newest developments in the field of work and organisational psychology. Also, in this knowledge boost, the scientific information will be made applicable to business which gives you the opportunity to share your experience with collegues in the same field. 


Nolost Capital offers various training courses for HR, HES and Liesure Professionals. These training courses have a strong substantive characters with the goal being productive teamwork. 

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