How do we ensure the highest possible response?

There are five critical success factors for a high response rate:

  • A professional approach and stimulating process
  • A good communication process
  • An appealing and optimized questionnaire
  • Support for all stakeholders
  • A good follow-up of the results

Good communication is especially crucial before and during the research process to achieve high response. The employees participating in the research need to know why the research is being conducted and why it is good for them to participate. It is important to enthuse them and manage expectation. Nolost Capital likes to help organisations to determine the communication concepts.

By professionalising the research, people will realise that it is serious. This obviously also goes for the questionnaire itself. Besides being professional, it must also be visually appealing. The length must also be optimised. 

Support is also important to create a so-called ambassadorship among the employees of an organisation. Without support the risk of poor response is great.

If the study is repeated, it is crucial to know what happened to the results of the previous measurements. If the organisations have done nothing with these results, it is then more difficult to get a high response. In this case, organisations should take a very different approach and use a different measurement instrument. 


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