How does research deal with anonymity?

Anonymity is one of the most important factors for the success of employee research. If anonymity is at stake or the employees do not feel anonymous, they may fill in the survey in a socially desirable manner. Moreover, the chance of non-response is relatively high without anonymity. 

If organisations want to optimally ensure the sense of anonymity, Nolost Capitals advises the following: 

  • Turn to a professional external agency, such as Nolost Capital
  • Make it internally clear that the research is completely anonymous
  • Instruct managers to emphasize anonymity during work meetings
  • Use as little codes as possible on the survey
  • Only ask demographic questions about age, length of employment, gender et cetera, if a group of at least of 10 employees per demographic topic can be created. 

Nolost Capital will obviously take the guarantee of anonymity for your employees into account. 

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