What distinguishes Nolost Capital?

1. Quality

Within Nolost Capital's highly trained professionals who work with high quality insruments. Thanks to their diversity in expertise the professors, doctors, psychologists, trainers, career counselors and partners of Nolost Capital are able to deliver high quality products and services. In addition, our research and guidance is supported by professional and high-quality scientific instruments, with which we can always guarantee quality in our services.

2. Pure Value Stream, so no Waste

Nolost Capital aims to, in fact was created to, provide organisations with products and services of the highest quality. More importantly, Nolost Capital aims to process these products and services in the most efficient way possible (including using the latest technologie) with which costs can be optimally minimized.

3. High price-quality ratio

Nolost Capital is able to offer the best quality at an optimal Value Stream (without Waste). This allows Nolost Capital to guarantee her customers/clients a high price-quality ratio. 

4. Reliable

Nolost Capital has licenses from several reliable and scientific instruments, which are engineered by trained psychologists and career counselors. Nolost Capital uses NIP codes for all servicesof psychologists as well, with which Nolost Capital can guarantee reliability. In addition, our research and measuring instruments are scientifically supported. The scientific surveys will therefore guarantee highreliability and validity. 

5. Progressive and creative

Nolost Capital is a rapidly growing business because it follows a progressive philosophy. By combining diverse expertise, Nolost Capital is constantly developing new concepts and products. This way we can always meet the needs of the current job market. 

6. Flexible

A good organisation with strategic partners gives Nolost Capital the ability to switch gears quickly and to take action at short notice. Nolost Capital is also in state to adapt both before and during procedures, with which Nolost Capital can supply custumised work. With our flexibility we create an atmosphere where optimal performance is possible. 

7. Comfortable and carefree process 

Nolost Capital is seen as a professional and energetic organisation to work with. Our customers appreciate our enthusiasm and accuracy. The project team supports the design of all studies and provided guidance and takes almost all of the work out of the customer/client's hands. 

8. Deeper understanding

Our trials go far beyond researching satisfaction, motivation and commitment. It also brings other issues to light such as leadership, turnover intentions, enthusiasm and effectiveness. In total, at least 30 organisational conditions will measured. The client/customer can clearly see what the problem is within the organisation and how it can be imrpoved.

9. Customisation

The guidance and research are completely customised for each organisation and then flawlessly implemented. 

10. It improves every organisation significantly

The practical results of our service are put into action. We get each organisation moving, on both an individual and an organsational level.

11. Guidance by truth

Nolost Capital assists organisations in managing the actual truth instead of feeling. In addition, Nolost Capital's work has led to the following significan conclusions: 

  • Companies that manage by using reliable measurements appear to be stronger organisations
  • Companies that manage with work satisfaction in mind appear to benefit from higher employement outcomes
  • For midsized organisations, it shows that a 10% increase in motivations leads to a 25% increase in production within three years, and these companies would save more than one million euros per year if they 'just' keep their employees motivated. 
  • Intrinsically motivated employees are significantly more valuable than extrinsically motivated employees 
  • Resources are scarce and replacing staff is becoming more and more expensive

12. Good intervention possibilites

If the customer/client wishes, Nolost Capital will support the making of a plan of action. We provide practical tools for this in all cases. We can also provide professional guidance through the involvment of our sister company, Nolost Talent. 

13. Personal attention

Through research with a well-designed advisement plan and communication process, managers and staff are appreciated. It gives energy and is positive for the organisation. 

14. Creating a win-win-win situation

All of Nolost Capital's studies and advisement plans aim to give three parties a sense of gain. The employees will feel like winners because the organisational conditions will be adapted to their needs and desires. Additionally, they will feel that they are being listened to, which gives them a sense of appreciation. Management will also feel like winners. First, because the performance of their department/organisation will improve and the costs can be lowered. Second, they will make themselves more likeable by their employees because they show that they believe in the importance of the employees ('human capital'). Finally, the company will also win because it will become a financially and substancially healthier company. 


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