Who is Nolost Capital B.V.?

Nolost Capital is a subsidiary of the Quality of Life Development Holding . Nolost Capital specializes in quantitative research for people and organizations.That means Nolost Capital uses the most modern and high-quality instruments at micro and macro levels.

Since the establishment of Nolost Capital it has grown into a major player in the field of Organizational Studies, Work and Organizational Psychology with a unique professional approach and scientific instruments.

Nolost Capital is comprisesd of a team of highly trained professionals and exists through cooperation with several universities,offering high quality products and services. In addition, Nolost Capital has modern technology with which efficient processes and costs can be achieved.

Quality and happiness are of great importance at Nolost Capital. For this reason it feels good to work for and with Nolost Capital since superior performance can be delivered in good conditions and in a familiar atmosphere. 

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