Why are measuring instruments important?

Measuring instruments are essential tools for giving people and organisations insight into various conditions.

First, it appears that 'knowing' is invaluable. Managing based on assumed values usually does not  include the actual validity. The probability for an incorrect estimation is great when a prediction is made based on subjective assumptions. On the other hand, it appears that predictions of the truth based on measured objective values give a reliable and accurate estimate. Also, when conditions are measured using validated and reliable scientific instruments, the true circumstances of the  situation can be demonstrated with 95% more certainty.

Second, management cannot be accused of subjective administration. With Nolost Capital's objective measuring instruments, the management is able to manage using actual facts. 

Third, measuring instruments offer insight into things no one has taken into account before. On one hand it is possible that certain conditions have been overlooked, on the other hand certain scores/values may not correspond with expected results. This means that these measuring instruments finally make it possible to confirm or reject certain hypotheses. 

Fourth, employees can anonymously give their true opinion on certain matters through these measuring instruments, proving the importance of their personal opinion. 

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